Clues to Parkinson's and Alzheimer's From How You Use Your Computer

- Wall Street Journal, May 29, 2018

Studies by Dr. Adriana Seelye of the Minneapolis VA Medical Center suggest that monitoring how people use their computers and their driving habits may help detect early Alzheimer's Disease. For example, Dr. Seelye and her team have shown that people with mild cognitive impairment make fewer "mouse" movements and have longer pauses between the movements than people with normal cognitive function. A follow-up study is underway in which more than 100 patients' driving habits, medication use, and computer use will be monitored by sensors to determine the best way to diagnose early Alzheimers.

Opioids no better than Tylenol

- Minneapolis Star Tribune, front page headline, March 7, 2018

A groundbreaking randomized clinical trial led by Dr. Erin Krebs of the Minneapolis VA Medical Center, found that opioids were no better than over the counter painkillers for back, hip, and knee pain. The study which was published in JAMA on March 6, 2018, enrolled 240 patients and followed them for 12 months. Improvements in pain-related function and pain intensity were no better in the group that received opioids than in the group that received Tylenol or aspirin-like medications.

Results of this study were mentioned by more than 50 news outlets including the New York Times, Washington Post, CBS News, CNN, FOX, and NPR.

CVRE-funded investigators take Gold and Bronze!

The University of Minnesota Dermatology group, under the leadership of Dr. Erin Warshaw, swept the awards for resident/trainee research presentations at the 2018 American Contact Dermatitis Society Meeting in San Diego in February.

Two of the winning projects were funded by CVRE...

GOLD MEDAL Goodier M, Siegel P, Zang L-Y, Warshaw EM. "Chemical Analysis of Isothiazoliones in U.S Residential Wall Paints."

BRONZE MEDAL Boyd A. Ericson M, Warshaw E. "Formaldehyde release from textiles and personal care products."

...and one by Hennepin County Medical Center

SILVER MEDAL Boyd AH. Warshaw E. "Allergic contact dermatitis to slime."